Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Keeping in touch

True to my blog title, I have stepped into January determined to promote myself, with my Romance Me  Skin Oil taking the natural lead in preparation for valentine's. So far, I have managed to receive an unsent e-mail back into my own inbox, and no other replies. Maybe I should call instead?

I have also finished designing a new product to add to the Mother's Beauty range. It is 100% organic, natural and unscented and I consulted midwives and baby feeding specialists before designing this as I wanted it to be safe to use immediately pre and post breast-feeding. Am very excited about this product because it has ingredients to nourish, soothe and enhance the look of skin in this area, stretched and deflated as it can be. I remember over-using the breast pump with my third child, ( I followed the Gina Ford book to the letter ), looking in the mirror at my unrecognisable assets and realising that there was every chance they could end up resembling a pair of my neighbour's tea coloured tights, (I'm talking about the wrinkly toe bit which stuck out of her open sandal.) Anyway, my new product is packaged in a lovely way to give any mum a treat and so I shall be targeting parenting mags in the near future for further PR-ing activities.

On Saturday, I had the great honour of meeting Mr. Ed Burstell of Liberty London. He is a lovely fellow with lots of knowledge; was great to get some feedback about my skincare range and will definitely be keeping in touch with him. I'm thinking pen friend; whatever happened to those? I had one growing up called Joel Buggy and kept a pic of him next to my bed between the ages of around 10 and 12, within which he was holding a parrot. Odd.

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