Sunday, 6 January 2013

Routine missing

Still ill. This time it's stomach cramps, so have had to forego my daily latte and chocolate biscuits. Boo.

Boys and me are beginning to grate on each other. They go back to school on Tuesday and sadly, like many, I think we are all desperate for the return of our big routine. Frankly I haven't got the cash to keep entertaining them and timing them on the Ipad they all share has long become tiresome.  'A' locks himself in his spare room office before it gets light and comes out again when the last bit of pink sun has disappeared. Has he become a mole?

Next Saturday is a big day for me and my little skincare business. I have entered into the Liberty London British designers showcase, where I will basically get 3 minutes to pitch my products to buyers before being told whether they like them.....or not. If they do, another more formal meeting will ensue. I am feeling brave and positive and have started to make some notes today and look at my format. Must wear comfy shoes though, as queueing is all part of the big day apparently - well, as a nation, we are known for our love of standing in lines.

Will keep you posted on how it goes and good luck to all thee in your first working weeks of the year.

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