Thursday, 29 November 2012


The state of the weather also sums up a big theme of my week.

Can't imagine what it must be like to have your home and / or business flooded. Aside the obvious damage, I've heard it smells quite a bit, is this true? My elder sister lives in South Wales but she is in a valley so is saved by the big hills.

C - the middle one - has been getting bullied at school. He tends to hold onto things, I sensed something was up and then it all tidal waved out at bed time. He has asthma and certain boys omit him from football at playtimes. They've also been name- calling; fairly typical really. I immediately spoke to his teacher ( at least 15 years my junior) and the head master. Was shocked to hear that the latter has suggested C needs counselling, and he couldn't really specifically state why this was, other than just saying " he gets angry....he gets a look about him." he then spoke openly about another boy who has benefited from the school's counselling service. I know this boy and his family and was certain their mum would be over the moon that I had been given this information. Later that day, I received a text from the mum of this boy, saying we should meet up to talk about the 'potential counselling.' Do they not teach heads about confidentiality? He needs to quiet his mind; cease the running water. I have arranged another meeting to give him a lesson.

Business-wise things have been choppy. I have had to take ( another) serious look at my finances because some of my packaging needs redesigning. This also means re-designing and printing labels, always costly. I am also desperate to launch two new products which I have a lot of faith in. Let's hope I can improve the flow of my cash ( sorry!)

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