Saturday, 16 March 2013

Things to do on a rainy Saturday - the non-Nigella version

1) Browse the Next summer catalogue, ignore the inappropriate faux-shirts and pretend you are in the Bahamas and that the sun always shines in England between May and August.
2) Think about that patch of garden which needs weeding before we have our amazing summer.
3) Bath the guinea pig, blow dry his fur and clip his nails.
4) Make baked beans and potato waffles.
5) Watch episodes of recorded 'You've Been Framed'. Over and over, (not my personal favourite).
6) Look at places you could all visit online, like the Horniman's Museum then sit around in your pj's some more to think about it.
7) Nip the drip-dry problem in the bud and replenish the bog roll.

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