Monday, 8 October 2012

Today I went to my Monday morning regular job at a local nursing home which involves offering aromatherapy massages (usually hand) to the residents. I can't afford to give it up currently, due to the new baby (business), but to be honest it gives me a weekly healthy slice of grounding, plus a reminder of my own future. 

Most weeks one of my regulars has died, which I learn about from the rose attached to the outside of their bedroom door, in place of their crumpled photograph. Today, Mrs. M was calling out repeatedly that she hadn't been fed. A passing nurse told me she'd had porridge, which I reminded her of several times afterwards, but she couldn't take it in. Sadly, she could tolerate only a very short massage, which didn't affect her agitated mood.  

I spent the afternoon 'PR-ing and selling myself. I contacted a blogger, and a local newspaper who said they are considering me as a feature in their business supplement. The blogger came back to me asking me to send her two of my products, so I e-mailed back asking if she can confirm for definite that she will use them as review material. Is this wrong? It feels wrong, but I am tryng to be honst about my limited budget.

I also spoke to a beauty editor at a well-known glossy. She could barely hide her disdain at my request for a review, and told me to contact her in January. She must be busy, I thought.

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