Saturday, 13 October 2012

Lots to think about this week; another day has almost ended and poor little April hasn't been found. 

This situation has prompted me to have a stranger refresher chat with the boys but I'm not entirely sure it makes much difference. I've instructed them that if they are lost, to find a lady to help them. I've also said that if one of those creepy men driving white vans which seem to patrol our school-concentrated area approaches them, they are to walk up to the nearest house and knock on the door. God knows where that could lead them; makes my stomach curl up on itself like my mum's hall rug if I think about it all for too long.

Yesterday I met a lovely man (a previous client's dad) and gave him a reflexology treatment. Every other word started in 'f' and ended in 'king"and he was at turns hilarious and sad. A worrier. He paid me, I was in a hurry to leave and shoved the cash in my back pocket as I often do, then I noticed it wasn't there at around 5pm. I handed the cooking and application of fish finger trimmings over to A and jumped in my car, desperate to re-trace my steps. First the walk to the school: it started pouring, I didn't have a coat and several teachers gave me funny looks. The ball of cash wasn't there, although tenners could easily be camouflaged by the autumn leaves I considered afterwards. Then is was off to the pet shop where we had earlier stopped to buy Chub-Chub the hamster some bedding. The money wasn't there either, although the last black kitten still was, bless. "That shredded paper cost me £45," I wanted to cry at the helpful shopkeeper. On my way out I noticed a betting shop two doors down which struck a philosophical cord in me; I hoped that someone had at least had a good win on my earnings. 

Later, after a cup of tea I went online and realised that this is Breast Cancer month. One of my mum's oldest friends and a real supporter of our family after my dad died, was in St Thomas's this week having a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Poor love, by all accounts she is very poorly following her big op. This got me thinking about the wearing it pink thing, and I soon made the connection that the Inner-Soul Organics range includes the Romance Me Skin Oil - which has a cerise label. I immediately signed up with the Breakthrough Breast Cancer website and will be donating a British pound for each of these products sold until October 31st.

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