Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Face Oils of a Bespoke Nature

Bespoke face oils made to order
Luxury brand Inner-Soul Organics launches its bespoke service, offering customers the chance to have a unique face oil designed and created in London

Brand founder, former aromatherapist Emma Coleman, developed the idea of making personalised facial products following a bespoke skincare competition the company ran in 2012. Entrants had to submit their skin type before being drawn at random to have a product designed for them.
Emma says: “ I was astounded by the response. Women and men were e-mailing in on a daily basis with some very complex skin issues, and were tearing their hair out because there was no particular product on the market to suit their needs.”
Using her expertise in blends and essential oils, Emma is able to design face products for all sorts of problems, including Eczema, dryness, ageing and hyperpigmentation to name a few. She is confident that skin can be balanced using natural ingredients.
All face oils are 100% organic and natural. The products are made in London and the service costs £75. This can be purchased at For further info please contact

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