Friday, 7 December 2012

"And all for love, and nothing in return."

I have been researching English quotes which will compliment my skincare products and the one I've used as my title for this post is my favorite so far, uttered by a man from Elizabethan England. There are some really very beautiful words out there, modern and classic. Literature is something in our heritage that we should be more actively proud about. Maybe we should be concentrating more on passing this sort of stuff onto our kids, than arguing with them about how long they've been on Minecraft. But that takes a lot of effort, right?

I have banned computer games (pretty much!) from the boys' weekday activities and come 3.30 on a Friday I would literally eat my own shoe if they asked me just once for some reading time or even a new book in place of the inevitable argument about how long they will each get on the ipad. Myself and E, my eldest son, (when pushed a bit), are the only ones who really enjoy reading in our house and like most others, I find myself having to think of ever more imaginative scenarios to get them to do their weekly reading quota, usually at about 7.30pm when we are all edgy and I am close to turning myself into a ball and rolling down the hallway into bed. The school teachers say that lacking enthusiasm for literature is a 'boy thing.' I really believe this is just a logical, adult brain's way of letting kids off the hook, and there are lots of boys in all my childrens' classes who really love to read and write stories, (their mums talk about it loudly in the playground). The fact is that they will all undoubtedly spend most of their adult lives staring open-mouthed at screens whether they are reading a book or not, which I find quite scary and sad. Save our libraries I say!

Anyway, where did I put the emergency sweet bribes.....?

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